Carparking  places – 600

Open  park area -18,170.00 sq.m.

Green area over – 10,000.00 sq.m.

In the historic center of Rome, lodged between two19th century bridges; Regina Margherita and Cavour,  we suggest something absolutely new, unique and yet unseen, it is a Bridge – Park’ing structure above the Tiber river.The new structure would accommodate three different but highly relevant elements of any city: it is – a bridge,  a lush park and an accommodating car parking zone . The new space would be a tactful conglomerate of necessity and esthetics, it would provide new perspectives and views of the eternal city,  be a relaxing recreational area in the city’s center while also relieving some of Rome’s constant car parking problem.

Bridge – Park’ing is a proposal  of a new social space, a new local atmosphere, and  a new symbol of the city without destroying and jeopardizing the centuries of molded urban fabric and historical perspectives.

The new zone would create a before unseen tourist trail for visitors and residents alike. It would connect two areas of Rome and allow pedestrians to enjoy two facets of Rome in one short walk. The buzzing commercial, fashion and historical area of Via del Corso and Via dei Condotti would now be masterfully juxtaposed with the more traditional residential and office district right across the Tiber. The bridge would allow residents and visitors to enjoy the cozier, more subtle life of new restaurants and small cafes  while still having the option of  a beautiful park walk away.

The new Park would also be located in close proximity to Rome’s academy of Fine Arts, making it a great space for youth arts functions, mini events, and open air performances. It could easily become an integral part of Rome’s social and cultural life.

This is a new 21st century multifunctional structure in the midst of the oldest and culturally richest capital of Europe.

The new green – cultural space would revitalize and refresh the ancient city, the creation of an open eco-friendly environment would suggest alternative perspectives and new experiences with remarkable river and city views.

Rome could once again become the vanguard of urban evolution and provoke conversation about new ideas and unexpected development opportunities.